Lelo Elise review

Lelo Elise Review

Today you can find any type of vibrator you would like to have in the market and I can say that sex toys have started to become a less tabooed topic among adults and even young adults. Couples are now looking for more adventurous sexual game which they believe would entice or spice up their relationship as well as their sexual health and lives.
Lelo is of course going after this fact, they are after giving every couple the chance to bloom their relationship in the most fun yet beneficial and healthy way. People always demand and have high expectations. Allowing a vibrator enter into the couple’s lives is now ordinary in the United States unlike the old times when a person gets condemned because of owning a sex toy in his or her wardrobe.
Elise 2 is a considered to be a large vibrator, sporting an 8.5 inches of length of which its 5-inch part is insertable, 4.5 inches of circumference, and 1.5 inches of width. The vibrator’s shaft is marginally curved which is perfectly fine in reaching and stimulating a woman’s G-spot.
Two motors can simultaneously or separately work for Elise, in which the first one can be found at the bottom of the shaft while the other one is seated at its tip. Elise works well with these two separate motors, and the indulgence for pleasure doubles up when they function together. However you can also opt to use only one if you want to use Elise externally and especially if your clit loves to have strong vibration.
Every intimate vibrator deserves to be rechargeable, so must Elise. This will save you time and money for buying new batteries. Elise can be recharged through the wall charger provided. Just plug it below the base of Elise, and then you will see the light at the control interface will turn on and blinks until it is completely charged after two hours. If Elise is being played at its minimum intensity, it can serve you for four full hours unless you are too experimental on using Elise in high or random intensities.
The base of Lelo Elise 2 houses its control pad. It is circular in shape with four buttons around: up (^), down (v), plus (+), and minus (-) buttons. Pressing the plus button will turn up Elise and show you the strength of its vibrations ranging from the mildest to its strongest vibration. You can cycle for the vibration when the plus and minus buttons are pressed either way. Keep pressing only the minus button and the Elise will turn off. The up and down buttons are used for controlling the modes or patterns of vibration which are programmed with pulsation, escalation, and the regularly consistent vibration. The Elise is lockable and I love that feature for Lelo toys. To lock and unlock it, press and hold together the plus and minus buttons for 3-5 seconds and start no worrying about your toy to be accidentally turned on when not in use.
Most of the Lelo products are made medical-grade and phthalate free silicone with smoothly matte finish. Below the insertable portion and right above the control pad is a wide metallic ring which is made of ABS plastic. The toy will arrive to you packaged in a black box with the brand name of Lelo on its cover. Accompanying Elise inside are user’s manual, a booklet of warranty, a wall charger, and satin pouch storage. Elise 2 is submersible in water, so you can bring it with you in and enjoy using it in a bubble bath. Since it is waterproof, cleaning it water and antibacterial soap or a toy spray will very easy.