Lelo Ella review

Lelo Ella Product Review

Common for all the Lelo products, Ella is packaged in a small elegant box included with a satin bag for storage. It is very versatile and is a very good playmate for a single or couple. Working with it depends on how you use it. If you want to add thrill, you can use it together with a vibrator for the cilt or just let your partner goes down on you while you both are engaged in foreplay.

Ella made by Lelo is a non-vibrating double-ended luxury dildo that aids in stimulating the G-spot area. Its two ends are specifically made to deliver stimulation at different points–the squared off end is for reaching the G-spot while the longer and rounded end is meant for over-all stimulation. Ella is entirely made of medical-grade silicone that has a soft and velvety texture therefore it is so alright to use without putting your intimate area at stake. Since this toy is made up of silicone, be careful when you are cleaning it and only use water-based silicone when lubricating it so you won’t damage it.

This is a toy that is so convenient to have when you are traveling. You’ll have no worries about your luggage because no one will ask you why your luggage is suddenly vibrating. You’ll be at ease and no embarrassment at all because nobody would think that Ella is a sex toy because of its neutral look.