Lelo Ida review

Lelo Ida Review
Sex toys are made as a substitute in giving you pleasurable fantasies when your partner is not around. However, doing this frequently will make you miss out the enamored adventures like how the couple sex toys specifically vibrators are designed for. Your sex life and your partner can be spiced up with the aid of sex toys. Oftentimes women have the difficulty in reaching orgasm in times of intercourse, but the use of vibrator is an excellent method if she wants to achieve her orgasm.
In other ways, a man can learn while he is watching her woman stimulates herself with her vibrator. Through this he can know what soother his woman, and know the sensitive parts where to touch her. He can hold for her as she leads her where to go plus the right amount of pressure to be given on her particular area. Additionally, a vibrator can help the women to have multiple orgasms. It would not be common as what other people know but it is very ideal that vibrators are one of best aids in helping her get there.
But, isn’t it a good scheme if both of the couples benefit on the sensation every sex toy could give? In this realization, Lelo immediately responded to this demand of couples who are lured to mutual and more adventurous bedroom exploration. So they made the Ida–a premium massager for couples that is worn by women but at the same time send the thrilling sensation to her and her man during an intercourse.
Ida is also a part of the Insignia collection from Lelo. It has a rounded disc for clitoral stimulation and a smooth flexible tail that can be worn inside the woman’s vagina while the man is doing the thrusting inside her. Both of these two parts are vibrating and can be manipulated either through the button found on Ida or by the remote control provided in the package. Also, this couple toy can go beyond the woman’s use. If preferred, Ida can also entertain the homosexuals when the tail is inserted anally to stimulate their P-spot.
Lelo always sets up their item in a very impressive arrangement. The outer sleeve features brief information about Ida that is translated in several languages for easier understanding. Taking off the sleeve we will another box, a very decent black box that at first would make you think of a jewelry box. Opening it we will next the Ida and its remote that are catered by black velvety foam, not usual for ordinary sex toy packaging we can find in the market. The other things we can see along with Ida inside the box are its accessories namely UK wall charger, a silky drawstring storage pouch, user’s manual, one-year warranty plus its 10-year quality guarantee, and a plastic key for the remote.
Ida is also rechargeable through a lead and plug. You should charge it for two full hours to enjoy its consecutive use of two hours. There is a DC port on the side of Ida that’s sealed from the outside making it fully waterproof. You will know that Ida is fully charged when the white light you will see from Ida becomes steady, on the other the light will flash indicating that it needs to be recharged again. Ida can last up to 90 days on its standby mode. Also, it is lockable that can be activated via its remote. To do it, simultaneously press and hold the (+) and (-) buttons you will find on the remote for three seconds. The same process applies if you wish unlock it again. Ida can be locked and unlocked without the help of the remote by pushing the button with the sonic signal you will find on one of its side.
Lelo Ida is installed with Lelo’s SenseMotion technology, where you and your partner can enjoy the stimulation through two modes of vibration without the effort of pressing the buttons, but instead by simply shaking or tilting the remote to make the vibrator respond.
To make the vibrator start working, press the small button you will see on the right hand side of the Lelo logo. Along with it, you should turn the remote control by pressing the (+) button in there. Wait for a few seconds as the connection does not happen instantly. You will know it’s done when you see the lights both from Ida and the remote flash slowly, which is possible within the range of 36 meters.
Let us try first the SenseMotion mode 1. When the remote is tilted on a 90-degree angle from its flat position, the vibration strength increases distinctly and is fully maximized when you turn the remote on a vertical position. The remote also vibrates as the Ida doe, and in this case you can know that vibration changes that happen towards the vibrator even if you are several steps or meters away from her. This also means that you can use the vibration from the remote control in some of your private areas. The same applies to SenseMotion mode 2, but in this mode the vibrations level up or down depending on the speed of movement you grant with the remote.
There are six pre-programmed settings for Ida which you can cycle through by pressing the (+) and (-). The buttons will introduce you the patterns until you come up with the preferred you’d like to use. If using the remote distracts, simply turn it off then turn to the Ida’s button you can see on its side. Press it and will vibrate in the regular mode but at its highest intensity. You can scroll through the six patterns but only at its maximum intensity. If you want to change the intensity, you will the help of the remote again. In turning the remote off, press and hold the (-) button for three seconds.
Both of the remote control and Ida are made of phthalate-free ABS plastic for the metallic top of Ida and remote, and FDA-approved body-safe silicone that is perfectly seamless for more comfortable use. Ida is available in black, deep rose, and cerise.
The remote uses two AAA-size batteries which are already provided by Lelo. You can use the plastic key by placing it in the center of the remote cover and twisting it clockwise to open the remote. Now you can insert the batteries. To close it, just do the same but this time you must do it clockwise. In case you lose the plastic key, you can still open the cover by slightly twisting the cover using your hand. When it’s all set you can now charge the remote to enjoy 10 hours of bedroom play. It is 100% waterproof therefore makes it very easy to clean. Just remember not to boil it, water from the faucet and antibacterial soap or 10% solution of bleach will do.
Lelo Ida is something that makes you and your partner not miss anything pleasurable with regards of using the sex toy. It is suitably made to fit for women’s private parts and at the same a perfect accessory for men while they are on giving the momentous moves for his woman. It worth having for couples who give value for each other’s orgasmic experience.