Lelo Ina 2 review

 Lelo Ina 2 Review

When featured in the Sex and the City, rabbit vibrator has started itself off to be one of the most popular sex toys of the world. Rabbit vibrators are identified with the form of a penis with its phallus and an attached clitoral stimulator linked to its shaft. Most of the time the clitoral stimulators takes the shape of rabbit ears, therefore acquiring the term “rabbit vibrator.” They are specially designed to send extra stimulation beyond what the traditional dildos can do.
The most considerable benefits of having a rabbit vibrator is it can significantly cut down the load of stress that a woman accumulates from her daily living. It induces orgasm upon regular use, because such thing causes a woman’s body to release hormones which help women simmer down. It would be best if the woman would choose waterproof toys so she can double the relaxation while she is taking her time at the tub.
One of the things why rabbit vibrator has brought itself to the stardom of adult market is because it can send in full pleasure through internal and external stimulation at the same time. The insertable part of the vibrator’s body is taken into the vagina while the clitoral stimulator, or the ears are drawn close to the body, pressing against the clitoris.
The demand for rabbit vibrators was taken into consideration by Lelo, but with them they have to make a twist and turn to a different route in creating a rabbit vibrator. To make it more exciting for a woman in getting to know what is with the vibe, Lelo makes double packaging to this luxurious product. Ina has an outer glossy box which corresponds to the color of the item. Inside the colored box is another box, this time it is a black linen-textured on encasing the main unit in a clear molded plastic and its accessories hidden in a chamber on one side. Flipping the cover of that chamber we will see a charger, Lelo personal lubricant, 1-year warranty card (extends up to 10 years when you register the Ina 2’s warranty number at www.LELO.com), a booklet for instruction, and of course, the simply elegant black satin pouch which you can use for Ina 2 storage during a travel or any outdoor activity.
Ina 2 is rechargeable for two hours and can work fully for two hours also, but can extend its service up to four hours depending on the patterns and intensity of vibrations you prefer that would use up the toy’s power.
Another good feature for Ina 2 is it is actually lockable. To make it possible, merely press and hold the plus and minus buttons at the same for three seconds. After doing so you will see the blinking light indicating it’s already locked. To unlock it, you can repeat the same procedure.
The base of Ina 2 has four control buttons namely up (^) and down (v) buttons, and the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. The arrows are meant for changing the vibration patterns while plus and minus do change the vibration’s intensity. There are a total of seven vibration intensity modes, which starts from moderate up to its strongest intensity–and that’s incredibly powerful. Despite of it, Ina 2 is very dependable for its quietness, so it won’t do any harm to you in terms of being caught wearing such sex toy. Regarding its vibration pattern, Ina 2 has a total of eight which you can also level up or down the power if you would like to, or simply go back to the setting you encountered before you started playing with the buttons.
All of Lelo toys are made of phthalate-free ABS plastic and body-safe silicone, so is Ina 2. The base is plastic contributing to the toy’s rigidity, but is compensated with the smooth silicone covering on the insertable and vibrating parts of Ina 2. Both of the plastic and silicone used are latex-free, odorless, tasteless, and non-porous. But actually Ina has a slight pleasant odor, which I may take as a sign of a well-made silicone toy.
Ina 2’s shape is designed exclusively with the alternately flowing shape that’s almost non-textured, excluding the two lines slightly raised and running along the left and right. This is a part of the design but can be perceived through touch but not when it’s in your vagina. Generally , the design of Ina 2 is modern, a bit far from the ordinary rabbit vibrators we often find in the adult shops, but it promises to be friendly and ergonomic, and a little discreet since it is not phallic in shape.
To summarize what I intend to say, Ina 2 is a discreet vibrator that’s very comfortable to wear despite of its powerful and durable design. The vibration it offers is fabulous, only if the user is not less sensitive. It comes in three neon colors: Purple, green, and orange.