Lelo Iris review

 Lelo Iris Review
Women are known for being modest about how she looks, so to her apparels and goods, so what more with the toys she keeps on hiding from everyone else? Obviously no one like to embarrass herself just because she’s owning a stuff like that. But who did say that she has to keep it hiding forever if there is a great way to of keeping a toy without anyone knowing that it is actually a sex toy?
Lelo made Iris everyone to deal with the choice of having an intimate toy without offending anyone, even her own self. It is a great choice to see a vibrator deceivingly looks like a flower where the petal ridges can be used for absorbing extra sensation within your private part.
The Iris is Lelo’s first penetration vibrator with its shaft delicately shaped like a flower, and this is what a sophisticated toy should like–something that is not penis in appearance but still delivers a great performance to a woman. This is more feminine than the other vibrators, but is still created for internal and external use. The tip can be pressed against the clitoris for a local sensation, or the snug can be pressed over the labia so you would receive a diffused stimulation. The round of the Iris hits the G-spot assuredly.
The size of Iris is 9 inches long and 4.5 inches thick, in which these dimensions make it the largest among Lelo vibrators. Despite of its large size it can keep itself quiet even when set at its highest intensity. Iris is rechargeable and comes with Li-ion batteries which can be charged anytime and anywhere you go. When completely used up, note that you have to recharge it for two full hours for the next four consumable hours of pleasure. Available colors are pink, deep rose, and powder blue.
The materials that make it up are phthalate-free silicone on the insertable part and polycarbonate-ABS plastic on its handle. The tapered structure of Iris fits perfectly inside the vagina, as the 5-inch insertable part made of silicone slides down the orifice without catching up any problem.
Iris is comprised of two motors. The first one is found at the base of the vibrator while the other is found at the crown of the Iris. This design allows the user to use the vibrator on both parts if she wants to increase the vibrations. The vibrations are controlled through the button interface which are easy to control. It involves up (^), and down (v) buttons used in activating the different vibration settings which total up to five points, where every vibration is similar to the movements of massage which starts from mild pulsation to the strongest one and each of them is listed below:
Mode 1: the continual vibration running from the tip of the stem which is good for the labia and the clitoris
Mode 2: runs similarly with Mode 1 however this one is accompanied by the activation of the motor as well
Mode 3: feels like a thrusting cock
Mode 4: the pulsation of this one is intense and with extended pulsation
Mode 5: a continuous vibration and definitely will result to an explosive orgasm
It is included inside a rectangular box prepared with elegance and fortitude. More than the Iris, other accessories like the charger, a satin drawstring pouch, one-year warranty booklet, and an instructional manual are included in the box.