Doctor Loves Dynamic Strapless Penis Extension 7 Inch Flesh – Penis Enhancers by Deeva – 5.88 in. X 2 in., Beige, PVC, Lube Included,Hollow, 0

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This extension is designed for use even without an erection! It stays on your penis without straps. The instructions show you how to create a vacuum in the device in order to make it hold on to your penis as long as you wish!

  • Length: 7.00 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.88 Inches
  • Inner Diameter: 1.60 Inches
  • Width: 2.00 Inches
  • Color: Beige
  • Feature: HollowMore Info, Lube IncludedMore Info
  • Shape: PhallicMore Info
  • Material: PVCMore Info
  • Manufacturer: Deeva
  • UPC: 831868008118
  • Weight: 10.56 Ounces

    Review Of DL8037, September 1, 2004

    Well, I guess I have a pencil dick. We love it. I am able to put the extension on with no problem and it stays on through out sex. My wife was afraid at first but took to it like a duck to water. She is now wondering why we didnt find this product before. I have owned other extensions that did not work as well as this one. Too flimsy, wouldnt stay on, etc. This one is firm, stays on good, and makes her beg for more. Hell I am hard thinking about it and ready to go again. Kudos to the Dynamic Extension. Wished I had bought the 8 1/2…maybe next time.

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    Review Of DL8037, September 15, 2005

    By Ace

    What I did is hid the toy at the end of the bed. Me and my wife had some drinks and it was bed time. I got her in the mood and we started with the normal sex. Then I turned her around in the doggie style position. I told her I was going to put on some lube. I tryed to put on the penis extension but I could not get my penis in that little insert. So I final got the insert out and sliped on the extension. When I sliped it in her she really didnt responed like I thought she would but I think it was because I had to much lube on at the time. I am 7.5 by about 2wide and this toy grows in girth with your penis it looks and feels great. The next morning I put it on and woke her up to show her the new toy she was fast to bend over and I made her orgasim in the doggie style position. I think you should practice with this unit it is Fun and she will love it.

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    Excellent Product , Quality, June 5, 2012

    By Cotton top

    I am always skeptical about reviews and have received several very poor quality products from other companies. This product was just as described the quality and usability were great , will purchase from your company in the future. Thx

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    Amazing, August 17, 2011

    By Happy Wife

    My husband wanted to find a new way to please me. After several failed extensions and wasted money we found it. It was not hard for him to put on like some of the other strapless ones, an erection does help and some silicone based lube. It seemed the other extensions would hurt after just a little while of use. This one is soft and just flexable enough to be well amazing. We used it for a long period of time, no pain just pleasure. Best money ever spent.

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    Review Of DL8037, December 1, 2004

    By marc

    I purchased this item (the 8.5) and my wife was very pleased. It stayed on very well. I am 5.75 long and 1.5 wide. I would have sex initially without it and after we would get my wife wet and stretched a bit I would put it on. The effect on her was immediate. Her breathing would get shallow and she would find any position that she could to be certain to achieve full insertion. It also released her inhibitions enough to talk really dirty during sex and that alone was worth the price.

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    Review Of DL8037, August 30, 2008

    By Al

    First off this item worked as indicated. hard to get on needs alot of lube, but stays in place. had to warm up wife but she loved it after we got going.

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    Not To Bad, November 21, 2013

    By Tony

    We tried this out, my wife liked it and the longer I used it the more she got into it, she had a very hard orgasm and squeezed me out of her pussy and came again when I slid it back in all the way. Only problem we see with it is it is very flexible right below the head so when she starts to cum keep it deep, oh yea you have to remove the sleeve,, sleeve is way to small to fit a penis in

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    Insert May Be Useless, September 30, 2012

    By Wolfman

    The product seems well designed but not for men with penis more than 1.4″ thick. The insert is far too small for men who are average 1.5 to 1.8″ in diameter. They need to make a model with larger diameter insert. Removing the insert can work, but you struggle with removing all the air out of the extension so that the end does not collapse when inserting. Pulling the extension on like a condom over and over will tend to tear the material if not careful. With all that said… When you do get it on right, it is very satisfying for you and your partner.

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    Review Of DL8037, August 31, 2006

    By Shaun Olsen

    I had the problem of many of trying to get my penis all the way in. What I did is a I took the inner sleave out and put things inside of it to stretch it out so my penis would fit. I put things in that had about a 2 inch circumfrance to stretch. That has done the trick. My wife actually thinks the penis is to big so we use the inner sleave to add some width and some lenght. I love it because I get the feeling of having a bigger penis and filling my wife up.

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    Review Of DL8037, May 14, 2007

    By Buster

    Purchased the 8.5 model. Wife loved it but wanted to get the 7 because the girth and length are not as large. If you are a quick cummer or have a touch of ED, I would recommend you purchase this toy. The inner sleeve also serves as a male masterbater. If you are a guy and want to give her a little extra then this is a must. I have to say the very first time we used it I got so excited and was turned on so much I actually came.

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    Review Of DL8037, August 6, 2006

    By Allen

    Update: This extension is well worth the money. The complaints I read on here are either from men with large penises or because they dont want to spend the money on a good lube.We have done away with all the water based lubes. Silicone is the only way to go, due to the enormous reaction you are going to have men, the water based lubes wash away.The cool thing about this extension is it seems to release my wifes inhibitions, now when we have sex without she still cums hard and wets the bed. The extension must have touched something right and got her going good.I have been using it about 3 years now and it is still in great shape. A great investment if I do say so myself!

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    Review Of DL8037, June 8, 2005

    The inner lining is less that 6 deep. Dont count on getting all the way inside if you have a normal size penis.

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    Could Be Better, May 27, 2010

    By Haveone

    Can’t really use it with no erection as it won’t grab on to a soft penis, you at least need a partial erection. It looks good, too bad it doesn’t live up to promises. Also the front is too heavy. Tried to use it with a barracuda and some success but it is a struggle to get on and you do have to remove the lining first. Does look good if you can get it on and use a strong tight thong to hold it upright.

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    To Feel Above Average, November 11, 2011

    By satisfied customer

    Received this in the mail yesterday and could not wait for the kids to go to sleep so we could try this out. My wife was excited to play with our first purchased toy and had a few drinks to loosen up a bit. As soon as lights went out for the kids, we rushed to the bedroom with the video camera in extreme excitement to not be let down. First, we had to use plenty of lube on my half erect penis to squeeze it into the extension. I am 5-1/2 inches in length and about 1 1/2 in diameter so from my understanding I am average. Needless to say when an above average size cock encases an average size penis the confidence in yourself sky rockets after looking down to see a porn star johnson. Watching my wifes face while she was lubing up and staring at it in anticipation was priceless…but not as priceless as it was when I slid it in and saw her mouth open and settle in to the extra size. The next hour was sheer ecstasy, as I was able to fill her up to an extent I have not previously been able to and go for a longer time. After 4 huge orgasms she was ready for the warmth of my cock and the energy of my orgasm. This made for the best sex I think we both have ever had and inspired the largest orgasms that we have ever had. The following morning we were going to try again but her vagina was just too sore from the hour long adventure the night before, so we went at it without the extension and just from the excitement of the night before, we had awesome sex again. For the average size guy wanting to feel what it is like to have a cock that we see in all the videos, this is a must buy. Oh and keep plenty of lube handy as you will need it.

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    Not What I Expected!, February 24, 2011

    Hard to use without an erection and could not insert penis into inner sleeve (I’m not big, only 5). Had to remove insert.

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    Review Of DL8037, September 29, 2003

    This extention is superb!!! The texture is perfect,Not too soft ,not too hard.The size was perfect.The mechanics that hold it on are comfortable as long as your girth is not over 1.25.And it works!! Great product!!!.

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    Review Of DL8037, January 28, 2009

    By Boysie

    Very difficult to get on even without an erection. But worked well after much problem with getting it on, Material began to crack on the outside after 2 uses. Thats not hygenic.

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    Disappointed, September 9, 2012

    By Little Bill

    We were excited when the package arrived and couldn’t wait to try it. The extension looked like it would meet my expectations and satisfy my wife’s need for a more filling cock. Unfortunately, the outer skin tore when I was trying to seat it firmly at the base of my cock, I thought it would be of much better quality, what a let down and my wife is pissed.

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    Much To Large For Me., September 28, 2012

    Unfortunately I was not well endowed by my creator. Therefore this item was too large for me.

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    Review Of DL8037, March 5, 2004

    By jake

    I purchased this one and the 8.5. The inside measurement of the 8.5 fit perfectly and my wife likes it but it can become to long after a while. The 7 would be the perfect length for long encounters however the inside measurement is smaller and I cannot get it on comfortable when fully erect. They should make the 7 and the 8 with the same 1 5/8 inside diameter. I am certainly not a giant and the 8.5 fit me great. Good product, did what it said it would.

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    Review Of DL8037, October 30, 2004

    By doctor d

    This is a great product. I was not blessed with an enormous penis and my wife has always tried to support me. But when I put this on she nearly devoured me. She was sucking my nipples and rubbing her clit, something I could never get her to do in the past. She thinks touching herself is taboo, but with this inside her she was stretched and filled and just couldnt keep her hands off her pussy. I would recommend it to any one needing a little extra length or just to spice up their sex life. The inner sleeve is a bit tight and could be a little larger but otherwise its great.

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    Review Of DL8037, December 16, 2004

    The inside diameter is too small. It was simply impossible to put on with an erection. No amount of lube helped. Id recommend buying the 8.5 and cutting it shorter.

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    Review Of DL8037, December 9, 2003

    Its OK if the mans penis is erect, although it is practically impossible to insert even an erect penis all the way into the hollow opening. Theres about 1-1/2-2 in the far end of the hollow tube that just wont go all the way down onto the head of your erect penis… makes the extention feel kind of floppy, since its also 1-1/2-2 from the base of your shaft on the bottom. It would be a lot more life-like & comfortable if you could get it all the way on, where it was taking in your whole shaft. Once your penis becomes flaccid, be careful not to let the extension come out of your womans vagina… because the sheer weight of the extension will cause it to flop around and pull itself loose from your penis. I dont see how anyone could get this thing on (where it would stay in place) without an erection. Also, be careful while gripping this thing… Your fingernails will cut chunks out of it if you dig them into it while trying to get it on. Kind of disappointing…

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    Review Of DL8037, April 28, 2004

    By John

    The opening was too small for my 7 cock, but if you insert your cock while still soft with some lube, and then let your cock swell up inside, it will stay on quite nicely.It is thick enough to satisfy my petite lover who is only 4-11 and is used to my 7. She likes the way the 8.5 inches feel and she likes how it fills up her small vagina with the width at the base of the fake cock. It took her awhile to be able to take in the entire 8.5 inches, but now she wants to try an even thicker extension!!

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    Hit The Spot, April 12, 2011

    By Stormbringer

    I found the 7 inch fit well with an erection and taking the insert out. I lightly lubed up and rolled the sleeve back then with my erection inserted into the last inch of the sleeve and rolled the sleeve back on for a perfect fit. The added size hit the spot.The results were great-I blindfolded my wife as we do on occasion and she had an orgasm with me on top without the extension – then had her go to the doggie position and slid the unit on, lubed up and slowly inserted.She noticed I was bigger and I said I had put a toy on, but would take it easy. After about three stokes she pushed back and then quickly had another orgasm. I never heard her make such sounds and she had three more strong orgasms. The last one with contractions so strong I came as well.Our sex life is exponentially better and she can now get off an average six times instead of one or two. Great product and maybe the 8.5 incher is next.

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    Strapless 7″ Extension, July 28, 2012

    By Dan

    Great product. We’ve been ordering and using it for well over 10 years. Just take out the insert, lube up your male organ and the extension, and insert your organ and you and your wife are ready for a joyride.

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    Alabama, August 22, 2009

    By Ben

    Like most people I had a very hard time getting it on. My penis is average length but maybe a little fatter, I’m not sure but it has a big head. Anyway, even with all kinds of lube it was very hard to get on. Once I finally got it on it stayed on and worked as advertised but I had to get my wife aroused again since she had waited for about twenty minutes while I struggled with it. I’m going to try to stretch it out somehow. Anyway, once it was on we both totally enjoyed it.

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    Review Of DL8037, August 1, 2004

    By terri

    I bought this as a gift for my hubby who has only 5 cock and always comments on his little cock. He used a lubricated condom and his cock slide in and it fit him perfectly. Now the good part. The first time he used it, I couldnt beleive how great it felt. It filled me completely and gave me pleasures that I never experienced before. In the past I only ever experienced one orgasm when we had sex. Now, I have several, each one as strong as the previous one. My husband said now he feels like a real man and has some of the best orgasms he has ever had also. The only thing that would be even better if it was available like the black dildos that I have.

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    Review Of DL8037, June 26, 2006

    By jaf

    I have a small dick- only 3.5 inches when fully erect. My girlfriend is a georgeous BBW with a hairy, roomy, pussy and an appetite for sex that is beyond belief. Her previous boyfriends were all well hung studs, especially her last one whom she says was 10 inches when fully erect. Since I cant hope to compete with that and coupled with the fact that I had never given her an orgasm finally drove me to investigate extensions. I bought this one, played with it a while, and when I felt confident asked her if we could use it the next time we had sex. It worked!!!! She got off six times!!!!! I finally felt like a man! And now shes so crazy for it that I also bought another one that we use strictly for anal sex. When I drive this into her backdoor the neighbors can hear her scream. This extension is worth every penny!!!! Im her hung stud now!

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    Good If It Fits, January 17, 2011

    I’ve been obsessed (not too strong a word) with penis extensions and giving my wife something “huge.” She keeps saying that I’m a good size and she likes it, but like most psychotic men I secretly don’t believe her. I’ve tried a number of sleeves and the good news is that they keep making me feel better about myself. This one is no exception. I’m about 6″ and 1.5″ across. Forget the rigid inner insert. It useless unless your 3″ or less and quite skinny. However, with the rigid inset taken out the flexible outer body works well. It definitely make me a bit bigger and thicker, but not ridiculously so. The first time I used it on my wife I didn’t exactly tell her first – just got her heated up and then put it in. She definitely liked it and seemed to notice that something was a little different, but she honestly told me after that she wasn’t aware that it was anything other than “normal me.” I don’t think she was sparing my feelings, I just think that it adds enough that your wife will notice something is different and be pleased, but not so much that she will be in total pain. But, if your penis is a good deal below or above 6″ it won’t be a good fit.

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    Review Of DL8037, November 19, 2004

    By anonymous

    For those out there that dont give yourself enough credit in size like myself, I would suggest carefully removing the inner tube. This gives you more room to slip your erect penis into! This thing is massive cant wait to use it! Thanks!!

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    Review Of DL8037, July 1, 2005

    By Allen

    I initailly bought the 8.5 in extension, after using it about 6 times the wife complained that it was to long and it was hurting. So I ordered this one hoping it would be a better fit.When we got at first I was disappointed cause even I had problems getting it on, but with some persistence and lube I got it on, the very snug fit also made the extension feel very real to her and me.When using it I thought I used enough lube, but after she came several times, squirting about 8 inches out on to the bed, her cum washed the lube away. She said it was feeling like sandpaper, so I applied more lube and away I went. One of the great things about this is if you are a quick cummer, this will help extend your love making time. Now when we have sex we have to do it in several positions, I love to feel her cum running down the extension onto my balls, never had that before. This has improved our sex life to a great extent!We love it.

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    Review Of DL8037, August 7, 2004

    By vernon

    I dont see how anyone can get this on their penis. I cannot get this thing on my erect penis no matter